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Will soon have the 2018 Schedule up, so in the meantime last year is giving a hint of what to expect.

2017 Schedule

GCGC Greek Yogurt   – 239 Bridge Street

5:00 – 7:00 PM  River Barry  has been immersed in the entertainment world for over twenty years. One of the most original and in-demand acts out there, River’s style of entertainment emphasizes moving beyond the present moment to help find an equal balance between self and nature, allowing the individual’s movement to be inspired by the moment. A magician, a dancer, and rock balancing artist. As a performing artist of magic and dance, he is committed to the expansion of personal development and finding the power within. His love for people and his uncanny ability to understand their behavior has resulted in the most unbelievable magic act and the ONLY one of its kind in the world.

Deep Groove Records – 110 Bridge Street

3:00 – 5:00 PM  Stephen DiJoseph – Anything can happen when award-winning, multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer Stephen DiJoseph enters a studio. Whether it’s the percussive grooves of his solo guitar and vocals, the backing drives of a fiery rhythm section, the quirk and funk of his trademark solo “Pianopoetry,” or the ease and flow of his ambient productions and collaborations, DiJoseph the recording artist is a man of many skills and moods. “Though technical preparation is required,” he emphasizes, “It’s all about what I feel.”

5:00 – 7:00 PM     

Blanko Dave has been playing semi-pro lead guitar for the last quarter century in bands in the Philadelphia area.  In the last five or so years Dave has achieved moderate success as this tall Blanko Dave “songer-singwriter” character, whose shows include original songs as well as ‘60’s rock and pop, alt-country, folk, and assorted blues material. His originals deliver a strong country-rock power-pop stomp and deal with everyday subjects like the pursuit of happiness, regret, old Chevy’s, and how freakin’ messed up love can be. He can currently be found performing in the Phoenixville area as himself and also with bands The National Bird, The Mingo Creek Balladeers, and last but not least, lounge-music masters The Thrifty Discount DJs.

Seven Stars Tattoo and Art Gallery – 19 Main Street

2:00 – 4:00 PM    Dirty Soap Blues Band is a chaotic group of buskers turned studio band. Rooted in blues, yet overwhelmed by 50’s and 60’s groups ranging from Elvis, Shirelles, to Dion and the Belmonts – it all shines through them during their live performances. If you have a chance to witness a live performance you might have to sit through some bickering and arguing between songs – which creates the unique show they will eventually deliver.

4:00 – 5:00 PM    The Barn Swallows – The Barn Swallows hail from Southeastern PA, within walking distance of the Philadelphia Folk Festival. The band’s core is made up of the duo of Sandy Pluta, dobro player and Matthew Gordon, guitarist, and frequently features special guest friends on bass, fiddle, accordion and/or percussion. Their eponymous debut studio CD fuses bluegrass, folk, blues, and country to explore themes of joy, heartbreak, humor, and longing.

5:00 – 7:00 PM     Chelsea Smarr – Chelsea is a harpist from Frackville, PA, who whirls together an improvised cacophony of experimental compositions during her live performances. Smarr has gained recognition as a solo international touring artist, using a variety of guitar pedals and percussive elements to create textures that take listeners on a journey through cinematic soundscapes. 

Steel City – 203 Bridge Street

1:00 – 1:45 PM       Smoke and Mirrors – Smoke and Mirrors is a 4 piece,  guitar-based cover band with a female lead singer.  They play a variety of rock, pop and even a few country songs from the 70’s to the present – including songs that are easy to dance to, as well as songs that people just like to listen to. You are as likely to hear a song by Adele, Elle King or Pink as you are The Police, Bon Jovi or U2.  People of all ages will find songs that they will recognize and enjoy.

2:00 – 3:00 PM      

The Joe Kenney Band – Joe Kenney is a recording artist and virtuoso keyboardist who has an active touring schedule as a soloist and with his band, The Joe Kenney Band. His recordings are distinctly his: a cohesive blending of jazz fusion and classical idioms. He has garnered praise for both his cover arrangements and original compositions, which have been praised as a “painting of a piano at work”.

In early 2016, he released a nine track album of jazz and classical inspired arrangements of alternative rock and top 40 hits. It was recognized on Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia several times and featured on the alternative rock station’s page on iHeartRadio, where DJ Wendy Rollins characterized his Twenty One Pilots cover as “perfection” and went on to praise Joe for “re-imagining songs in a completely different format”.

Expanding into different formats, he got to work on an album with a full band for the first time, honing in on a jazz fusion sound while retaining the classically informed harmonies from his first two albums. The first two singles from the upcoming album were released in November, 2016, with the third single, “Zera”, put out in May 2017.

3:00 – 5:00 PM       

Younger Than Charlie – Founded by Charlie Rokosny, Younger than Charlie is a band local to the West Chester/Kennett Square area. All six members, Charlie Rokosny, Stephen Leo, Mike Rusk, Bob Hickman, Rosemary Schrader and Robert Gage, came together behind their love of all things music.

Their sound is a mix of rock, alternative and folk-rock. Originally, founded as Still Life, Younger than Charlie gave their namesake to their founder, Charlie Rokosny, who is, in fact, the oldest member of the band.

Country Charm – 28 Main Street

5:00 – 7:00 PM     DJ Blackjack Shellac – And you thought vinyl was old school. Welcome to your pre-vinyl DJ experience! DJ Blackjack Shellac uses hand-cranked record players with gears, springs, steel needles and pure acoustics to bring original recordings to life. Played just as they were meant to be heard. No MP3’s. No CD’s. Just revolutions – 78 revolutions per minute – the speed at which time travel becomes possible. But remember, these are OLD records. Fragile. Irreplaceable. So be careful…there may be dancing!

Liberty Vapor – 322 Bridge Street

3:00 – 5:00 PM    Sans Blix is an electronic duo, spawned from Phoenixville, PA. Devin Lashbrook and Bob Libby create a unique sound that relies heavily on building up loops and layers to create a deep sonic wall that can be at once psychedelic and metallic, and can be categorized as indie/electronica with influences ranging from James Blake, Beck & Sylvan Esso. Their music is often paired with visual projections and lights during live performances.

5:00 – 7:00 PM     House Plant is a Psychedelic Funk band from Phoenixville, PA. This trio of musicians blends today’s Neo-Psychedelic sounds with classic Funk and R&B grooves to create a spacial-atmospheric-funkatronic-probiotic-syncopation that will keep your head dazed while your feet can’t help but move!

Twisted Cog Bike Shop – 167 Bridge Street

3:00 – 5:00 PM     NIIC the Singing Dog is a fun, unique, musical and entertainment act rocking the streets of the Philadelphia area. Supplied with a fun arsenal of original dance-pop songs and addictive cover tracks, NIIC takes on events of all kinds with his electrifying singing and music performance, all as a green dog. Whether he’s a vocal artist singing to his self-performed soundscapes, or a DJ supplying the right music to your ears, this animal knows how to keep the party going! NIIC works alongside Human and Animal Rights organizations, various Science Fiction fandoms, and the Philadelphia area bar, nightlife, and festival scenes alike. NIIC the Singing Dog is a performer on a mission: to take every event to the next level!

Community Eco Center – 252 Bridge Street

3:00 – 7:00 PM     Drum Circle – BYOD (bring your own drum). Drumming is such a essential part of the festival. Get the juices flowing here, and join the procession up to Friendship field and support the burning of the Phoenix with your drum. We have some exceptional drummers coming.

Phoenix Karate Center – 316 Bridge Street

3:00 – 4:30 PM    The Cozy is a purely instrumental band, that lets each song tell a detailed story, driven by unique time signature shifts and the harmonizing guitar/bass work of Jeff Larson & Mike Pidcoe. Katie Fox rounds out the trio and brings her progressively-styled drumming to perfectly balance this 3 piece. 

5:00 – 7:00 PM    Gypsy Funk Squad  plays a mix of classic belly dance songs from Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, The Balkans, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, and other points in the Middle East – along with a few revamped rock tunes and surprises thrown in. The emphasis is on fun and a dancing good time – featuring dancer Rebecca!

All Kinds of Fast – 214 Bridge Street

3:00 – 4:00 PM     The Uninvited – In 2014, Jack Perella and Joey Pahl formed The Uninvited. They cover songs from artists including Sublime, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Johnny Cash, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Stone Temple Pilots and many more. They also play some original music compositions.

4:00 – 5:00 PM     Danielle and Jennifer are a dynamic and diverse sister duo driven by strong harmonies, backed with piano, guitar and ukulele. They started singing and acting professionally at the young ages of 3 and 6 years old, having performed on and off Broadway and at music festivals including The Liberty Music Fest, Dewey Beach Music Conference, Popfest, and the South Street Spring Fest. Their single, “The First Time You See Me” was recently nominated for a Homey Award for “Best Pop Song” and continues to get airplay on 93.7 WSTW.

Soltane Cafe – 138 Bridge Street

3:00 – 4:00 PM     Jake Fleming plays acoustic classic rock, some country, some current songs, ballads, oldies, deep cuts and all in between Over 30 years of experience performing in various rock bands in his home town of Virginia Beach, Virginia and has been living in Philadelphia since 2008.

4:00 – 5:00 PM     Sam Schmidthuber – Nashville Recording Artist, Sam Schmidthuber, a gifted singer and performer, has been performing locally at different venues since the age of 9.  Sam won the 2016 “PA Farm Show Has Talent Contest” for vocals. When not performing his own shows, he is frequently a guest singer with local bands. Sam recently finished recording in Nashville, with many legendary Nashville musicians. His debut EP was released on October 2nd, 2016 and is now available for purchase through his website.

Great American Pub – 148 Bridge Street

5:00 – 7:00 PM      Michael de Salvo – Phoenixville musician and songwriter.  Local acoustic performer with a love for people, music and God!  Rock, blues, folk & gospel influence. Performing regularly at the Great American Pub and worship leader of Express Church of the Y!  A grateful participant of VegFest 2016, Phoenixville 1st Fridays, and East Coast Zoner Jam. His music is his testimony!

9:00 PM – 1:00 AM     Whiskeyhickon Boys Uniquely energizing, fun, folksy, and extreme talent are the terms used to describe this trio known to dish out huge doses of Gangsta Folk! They have a repertoire of award winning originals, interspersed with covers that make all their stuff sound brand new and entertaining for audiences of all ages. This group also recognized as a minimalistic power trio brings Funk, Blues, Rap, and Scat influences and whatever else they feel when they hit the stage. Their energy is contagious and always contributes to the excitement and eccentric sound. They pretty much are a different sound each and every time they perform. This trio is certainly worth seeing…guaranteeeeeeed!!



The Assorted Lunatics will play just prior to the burn and shortly after ignition.

They are four local boys playing music they love. Playfully coined “Phoenixville’s premier Pink Floyd tribute band,” Andy Lemmon, Jed Smith, Will Carpenter, & Matthew Ensminger, all independent musicians with their own musical endeavors, come together to pay homage to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They aren’t afraid to play deep tracks and extended instrumentals, and their passion for music comes through in every track. As veterans of the Firebird Festival, they are honored to play through the burning ceremony.

During the day of the festival – there will be street performers up and down Bridge street, called buskers, who will be performing for tips. Please support local artists on the street and at the craft bazaar.
Catch the colorful inspiration of the Firebird Dance Ensemble – in the procession or around the bird. This is organized by Lara Vracarich of Creative Spirit Fusion
The Morris Dancers will be back once again; dancing by Bank Street. Take a look at their website, they are a facinating bunch!
and ….
Adamo Ignis shows you the passion of dance, the danger of fire, and many other tricks that will leave you longing for more and in love with more than just the flame – performing acts such as fire eating, fire breathing, fire dancing, broken glass, bed of nails, and much more.

Lorenda Knisel –  is a fusion belly dancer from Atlantic City, NJ who enchants audiences with fire arts, LED and glow props, swirling swords, ethereal wings and silk veils. Her repertoire includes a mix of American cabaret, Egyptian raks sharki, and tribal fusion. She is skilled in fire dancing with palm torches, fire fingers, fire fans, and a fire belt; fire eating; and balancing a candle tray and fire sword. An eclectic performer, she is just as likely to belly dance to Arabic music as she is to electronic music, rock, or other genres. “In ancient times, bellydance was a sacred dance to honor the goddess,” she says. “Bellydance has helped me get more in touch with that divine aspect in myself. Through my performances and classes, I try to awaken this spiritual joy in others and help them get in touch with their sacred selves.”

Sarah “Chillidawg” DeRemer has an extensive background in classical ballet and modern dance. She has traded her pointe shoes for a flaming hula hoop along with a few other few other fire props.


Chris Tamburro is a fire performer, performance artist, and circus performer from Lancaster, PA. He has traveled throughout Thailand as a performer and as a teacher of poi spinning and juggling.

       Pokie Poke theJogeleur will be back with his entertaining show.
The Burning Hearts perform dazzling fire and light shows with hoops, poi, fans, staves and more. The Allentown-based troupe began in 2010 and performs throughout the northeast at festivals and events, including choreography for a free theatrical performance every summer.
The Playing Mantis – They’re very excited to be attending this unique and exciting community event, and are looking forward to a great burn! The Playing Mantis are based out of Wilmington, Delaware. They travel the east coast providing fire performance, instruction, and supply.
Barenheim is a medieval group that focuses on recreating martial and peacetime aspects of life in the pre-modern era, with a fantasy twist. Join them as they will be showcasing their finery and demonstrating their safe, full contact combat, in the field right next to the Phoenix, from 9am – 5 pm.