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Our 15th year of The Firebird Festival was a huge success! As we look forward to the birth of another year and another exciting festival, we have to reflect on some of our challenges. Since we so heavily relied on our shuttle buses, they could not keep up with the volume. There were some unfortunate participants who found themselves without a way, to or from the festival. We will be working closely with the bus company to make sure this does not occur next year,and add more buses. We deeply apologize to all the participants who found themselves stranded!

Our festival is one of celebration of life and our human creativity. Please support us, by sharing your pictures on our Facebook page, and your videos on Youtube, for all to enjoy! And please reach out to us, if you would like to help add more life to our 16th Firebird Festival, and make it the best ever!

Thank You for Your Support!

The Firebird Festival Committee would like to thank the many performers and volunteers who makes this event possible, as well as the Phoenixville Borough Fire and Police departments for making sure that the event runs safely and smoothly.

Special thanks also to all of our sponsors.  Inspire EnergyPhoenixville Federal BankGreen Mountain Energy,

And our many donors on our online fund raising campaign, who have all supported this festival with their generous donations.


And then let it go !

Before and after: