Our fund raising campaign have  started,

please help us making the festival possible

Mark Dieterich won the T-shirt contest !

Mark Dieterich 2         118          Coleen Shaw|         46               Sarah Durant       10
Mark Dieterich 1         93             Elyssa Hilton             34               Heather Craft 2    9
Steve Allen                    72          Madeline Myers 2     22                Heather Craft 1    8
Erica Johnson 1            64            Rowan O”Hara         15                Brad Padvelskis   6
Heather Craft 4            56             Erica Johnson 2       10                Valerie Gray 4       5
Madeline Myers 1       56             Heather Craft 3       10                Valerie Gray 1      3
                                                                                                               Valerie Gray 6      1

We have started the building of our 2018 Phoenix. Every weekend from 10 am in Veteran field. Anybody is welcome to join our adventure.

Festival this year is December 8th 2018

The festival will be in Veteran field. Friendship field (our last home) will be under construction for our new Civic center.

Previous Firebird Festival Pics

Thank You for Your Support!

The Firebird Festival Committee would like to thank the many performers and volunteers who makes this event possible, as well as the Phoenixville Borough Fire and Police departments for making sure that the event runs safely and smoothly.

Special thanks also to all of our sponsors. Our expenses were increased this year, and the support to counter that has been overwhelming: LyftGreat American Pub, Manny DeMutis, The Assorted Lunatics, Steel City Coffee House, Lulu’s Boutique, Pickering inn, Jamz Fall Festival, The Schuylkill Runners, Valley Veterinary Hospital,  Inspire Energy, Bath Fitter, Homespire Windows , Root Down Brewery, Molly Macguire’s, P.J. Ryan, Moms Place,  Frees InsurancePhoenixville Federal BankGreen Mountain EnergyStable 12, Neuber Environmental Services INC .

And our many donors on our online fund raising campaign, who have all supported this festival with their generous donations.